10 Solid Tips for Selling Your Book on Amazon

“10 Solid Tips for Selling Your Book on Amazon” by Lisa Orrell, The Promote U Guru

There is TONS of strategies to get more exposure for yourself and your book(s) on Amazon, yet most authors I know only know of a few…heck, to-date I’ve written 2 books, and they are on Amazon, and I didn’t even know about some of these tips. OR, I was aware of them but didn’t totally get the “benefit” or the strategy around them.

That’s why I’m really glad that I came across Brent Sampson’s newest book, Sell Your Book on Amazon. It’s loaded with great tips and I found it an extremely worthwhile read.

I won’t go into all the “how and why to execute these ideas” here, because that’s what a book like Brent’s is for (and I don’t want to rewrite his book in this article). But here are 10 tips (out of MANY) that he suggests, and you can research how and why they are important for marketing and selling more of your books on Amazon.

And, please note, whether you self-published your book, or published through a traditional publisher, these tips apply.

10 Solid Tips for Selling Your Book on Amazon:

  1. Start an AmazonConnect account
  2. Create an Author Profile Page
  3. Make sure you upload a professional photo on your Profile Page and make sure you add a caption under it. You can include your name, book name, web address, etc. Use it for marketing!
  4. Complete the About Me info on the Author Profile Page, and make sure to write a good “signature”. Your signature will show-up on all the posts you do on Amazon (e.g. reviews of other peoples’ books) so it will help market you.
  5. Write “So You’d Like to…” Guides (a feature on Amazon)
  6. Make sure you implement the Search Inside feature on your book’s page
  7. Check out Amapedia: This is Amazon’s version of a wiki. You can post factual info pertaining to your book and info related to your topic.
  8. Write as many reviews for other peoples’ books as possible…even for your competition. But don’t write one to “trash” them! If their book was good, give them a 5 star rating and a good review. And everyone who reads it will see your signature and book title in your review, and this can drive traffic to your book page. Why? Because if someone is reading that author’s reviews, they are interested in his/her topics and may want more books pertaining to that topic! Plus, the more reviews your write, the higher your Amazon reviewer ranking climbs. This all gives you more exposure.
  9. Use the Tag This Product feature on your book’s Detail Page.
  10. Look into, and participate in, the Listmania feature.

OKAY! Those are the 10 quick tips. So do some research on the ones that are new to you and start implementing! Or, if you are like me, and you don’t want to spend tons of time researching, just pick up a copy of Brent Sampson’s book, Sell Your Book on Amazon.

Copyright 2010 by Lisa Orrell.

Author Bio: Lisa Orrell, The Promote U Guru, is a 20-year Branding Expert, Marketing Consultant and Certified Business Coach. She is also a professional speaker and book author. Lisa helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, entertainers, industry experts, speakers and authors build their brand platforms, improve their marketing & PR efforts, develop social media strategies, and increase sales. For more info about Lisa and her in-demand services, visit: