Boomers into Business Boot Camp

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The Promote U Boomers into Business Boot Camp: 12-Week Course (classes conducted via phone) Retirement Readiness RatingTM Report: 47.2% of older Boomers (56-62) are at risk of outliving their retirement savings. And 43.7% of younger Boomers (46-55) are at risk of not having enough money for basic monthly expenses when they retire.

Plus, one Boomer is now retiring at a rate of every 8 seconds!

These startling statistics have millions of people 50+ wondering, “What can I do to make money, full-time or part-time, that is flexible, interesting, and possible to do into my golden years?

The Boomers into Business Boot Camp answers that question! Regardless of your financial situation, if you are a Boomer (50+) wanting to make additional income outside of your current job, or want to become self-employed full-time or part-time (now or in the future), this is the Boot Camp for you!

And, this 12-week course is conducted via teleclasses; this means you can be located anywhere in the world and all you need to attend each class is a phone!

NOTE: This is not a “get rich quick” program. It is a legitimate, well-crafted course, created specifically for Boomers who take their financial future seriously, have an entrepreneurial spirit (or have always wanted one!), and who want to re-invent themselves professionally.

The Promote U Boomers into Business Boot Camp will provide you with the tools to turn what you know into dough, and set you on a course for making more income before, and after, retiring from your current occupation.And the time to start putting the wheels into motion is now.


Whether your career path for the past 30+ years has been as a corporate executive, a homemaker, a landscaper, a house painter, a therapist, or whatever, you have knowledge people need…and they will pay you for it!

OR, even if you’ve had a particular hobby for many years, you have skills and knowledge that can be developed into a new career path that people will seek your expertise on…and they will pay for it!

Or, perhaps you’ve had interest in something you don’t know much about. You’ll learn ways that can get you up-to-speed quickly on that topic and get you positioned as an “expert” fast. This will make people seek your expertise and advice…and pay you for it!

But, are you not sure WHAT that could be? Not sure HOW you can make an income from it? Not sure HOW to get started? Don’t panic! That’s what the Promote U Guru Boomer Boot Camp is for!

In this course you’ll determine “what” you can do with the experience or interests you have, then you’ll learn “how” you can do it, and you’ll then learn the marketing, PR & business strategies to “make” it happen…and NO previous marketing or business experience is required. You’ll learn all of that in the Boot Camp!