Boomers into Business Boot Camp Overview

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The Promote U Boomers into Business Boot Camp: 12-Weeks, Limited to 10 Students

I have helped countless individuals launch “expert” platforms, or improve their current branding and business platforms. And many of these clients have been over 50. That’s why I decided to write my third book, “Boomers into Business”. And that’s why I created the Promote U Boomers into Business Boot Camp! Many of you are trying to figure out “what’s next” for you professionally and desire to be self-employed on a part-time or full-time basis for additional income before and after retiring from your current “job” or occupation. So if that describes YOU, please keep reading!

Here’s How the Promote U Boomers into Business Boot Camp Works:

  • I personally conduct each class. These are NOT pre-recorded…they are LIVE class calls!
  • All classes are teleclasses so you can be located anywhere on the planet and all you need is a phone
  • You enroll in the 12-week course and attend class on the same day and time each week throughout the course
  • Each 12-week track is limited to ONLY 10 STUDENTS, and you will go through the program with thesame 10 students
  • Each weekly class is one-hour and averages 45-minutes of lecture time, and concludes with 15-minutes for Q & A
  • Out of the 12 classes, 8 of them are a lecture on a specific business-building topic and 4 of the classes are an “open format” for a solid hour of Q & A with me. And not only will I answer questions but I’ll also encourage other students to offer feedback and solutions. Students always have great ideas, too! This “open” Q & A format enables: Students to learn from each other; ask questions other students probably want to know the answers to; and enables students to ask questions specific to their needs and business ideas.
  • Enrolling in this program requires some discipline! You are expected to make each class and put your 12 class dates and times on your calendar!

Also Included in the Promote U Boomers into Business Boot Camp:

  • THREE private 1-on-1 sessions with me during the 12-week program…each session with me is a full-hour! These are scheduled with you once-a-month to discuss ideas and strategies specific to you. If you were to hire me for those private sessions it would cost over $650, so you can see the VALUE you’re getting by enrolling in this “group” course structure!
  • You also receive up to 90-minutes of email communication with me during the course…that’s 90-minutes of additional support! If something comes up that you need immediate advice or feedback on, just send me an email. I’m available to you for “emergency support” throughout the ENTIRE 12-week course!

Snapshot of What You Get When You Enroll in The Promote U Boomers into Business Boot Camp:

  • Clarity, Concepts & Ideas of “What” You Can Do With What You Know & Are Interested In
  • 12-Hours of Instructional Class Time Targeted on Strategies You Need to Succeed
  • Over 5-Hours of Open Time for Q & A to Increase Learning Focused on Your Needs
  • 3-Hours of 1-on-1 Private Coaching with Lisa to Discuss Your Own Business
  • 90-Minutes of Email Support for Advice & Feedback from Lisa During the Program
  • Countless Tools to Create &Build Your Brand and Business
  • Easy-to-Implement Strategies to Increase Your Income
  • Support From Lisa to “Make it Happen”
  • Branding Development Exercises to Create Your Brand Positioning
  • Lisa’s Personal Business Documents That You Can Repurpose for Your Business
  • E-Books & Learning Guides to Compliment Specific Topics Discussed in Class
  • Lisa’s Personal Database of Trusted Vendors, Services & Resources: This Will Save You Endless Hours and Wasted Dollars by Preventing You from Trial & Error and Hours of Research!
  • A Total of OVER 20-Hours of: Instruction, education, coaching, consulting & support!

Promote U Boomers into Business Boot Camp Enrollment Fee:  ONLY $975

Based on Lisa’sStandard Private Coaching & Consulting Rates, This Amount of Time, Education, Instruction & Support from Her Would Cost You Over $8500.


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