Can Lisa Conduct Seminars for Your Company or Professional Association?

YES! Professional Business Associations hire me to conduct a variety of Marketing, Branding (personal or business), PR, and Social Media presentations for their members. And I adjust my content and real-world examples to match the focus of your group. Or, I can make the examples “general” for organizations with a diverse membership.

Presentations for Companies & Colleges:Corporations and Colleges ask me to conduct seminars and workshops for their employees, or students, on how (and why) to develop a Personal Leadership Brand for career success. And, I can customize these presentations based on your event’s schedule and audience. See the last presentation listed below for an example of the presentation I can conduct for your employees or students!

Seminars & Workshops Available (in-person or can be modified as webinars):


Do you stand out from your competition? Do you have a unique branding and positioning platform that attracts prospects to you? Or are you just “yet another” person, or small business, that is lost in a sea of similar offerings, hoping clients will choose you? Creating a unique brand, with a unique selling proposition, expressed in a different way verbally, visually and written, is the number one thing that WILL get prospects coming to you…without a solid brand platform, the road to success and revenue will be a much longer one. So in this fast-paced, info-crammed workshop Lisa will get you started on developing an effective branding and positioning platform quickly!

NOTE: Worksheets & Exercises are included for audience participation/interaction.


Do you know how to effectively use social media tools like YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Podcasting, Blogs, and Webinars to attract new clients, employees, and media attention? In this info-packed workshop Lisa covers these tools, but you’ll also learn about online services you’ve probably never heard of that can build your business even more…by getting new clients and retaining existing ones. And, no, she doesn’t just tell you about “them”! She dives-in to real-world examples about how you can use these unique marketing tools effectively…and guess what? They’re cheap (often free) & super easy to implement!


Do you know that getting press coverage is critical to getting mass exposure for yourself and your business? Do you know that being quoted and interviewed by the media is a powerful tool for building your credibility as an “expert” in your industry? But are you at a loss about how to attract media attention? Most people are! In this course Lisa will explain the key strategies for getting you the media coverage and publicity you need to build your brand, and increase awareness for you and your business!


YOUR PERSONAL BRAND IS IN YOUR HANDS: HOW TO DEVELOP A PERSONAL LEADERSHIP BRAND FOR CAREER SUCCESS: 3.0-HOURS…eBay has booked Lisa to conduct this for their employees 23+ times 2011-2014!

This 3-hour workshop is for employees (ages 21 to 60+), and College Students, who aspire to be effective, respected, leaders in the workforce. The purpose of this presentation is to educate and empower your employees to “adopt” a leadership mindset NOW (regardless of their current “status/position”), and to understand that the foundation of their career success is based on defining their personal brand.Not only will your employees learn what branding is/is not, and how/why it impacts their career growth, but they will also learn “how” to create their personal brand.

Check out Lisa’s new FOURTH book, Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands, on Amazon! It’s receiving rave reviews & 5-Star Ratings!

Interested in Having Lisa Conduct One of Her Presentations for Your Organization? Contact Her Today!

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