Looking for Cool Tools & Services to Build Your Business?

I personally use, or have used, the tools and resources listed below. They have helped me build my business(s) and are the best solutions I have found. Take a look at each one because there’s bound to be a couple you’ll want to use, too!

The Best Shopping Cart Solution: Click here to learn more about the easiest and most robust shopping cart solution around. Different packages are available and the features that come with this cart are amazing. This can plug into your current website and no complicated set-up or programming required! Tons of marketing tools come with it so check this website for more info today.

Easily Add An Audio Message to Your Website, Newsletters, Emails, Blog and More: Click here to access an extremely cool, and inexpensive online tool that can add audio to your online marketing tools in minutes. Record your message via phone and within seconds receive your audio file to add to your website, blog and more!

Add Video to Your Online Marketing Tools Quickly & Easily: Click here to learn more about this super easy, super cheap tool that can have you delivering personal video messages on your website, blog, newsletters, and more. Demo and details available by clicking here!

Amazing Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs:
Seeking a virtual phone system that makes you look more professional, comes with great features, is less than $10 per month, can forward all calls to your cell, is super simple to use, and that has been praised by CNN, BusinessWeek and Fortune? Click here for all the details!

Need a Media List to Get More Coverage?: Lisa has a personal Media List with over 6,500 contacts that includes major talk shows, regional TV and Radio shows, regional and national magazines and newspapers, and business blogs. Contact her for more info today!

Organize Your Contacts, Clients & Leads Using a Simple Database Management Solution: This database management system will organize your life & business, bolster your sales, and it comes with great marketing tools (create & send eblasts and newsletters through their system). It’s simple, inexpensive and robust! Click here for info!

Web Design: Contact the web design company Lisa uses! 428 Designs can create your website, maintain your current one, set-up your Twitter page, set-up your shopping cart, design your eblasts, design and set-up your blog, and tons more. Be sure to tell them Lisa referred you and get VIP treatment!