How Can Lisa Help Me?

Regardless of whether you’re a speaker (aspiring or experienced), author, entertainer, entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business owner, or even an employee seeking more notoriety at work or in your industry, I can help you: Create an effective (personal or business) brand platform, build your brand awareness, and generate more revenue!

PRICING: I offer a variety of Package Options, as well as customize packages based on your needs and budget. I also provide “one off” consulting and coaching sessions (1-3 hours). Simply contact me for a no-obligation phone meeting where you can explain your needs, and we’ll determine the best way to proceed together.


As a Branding Expert, Marketing Consultant and Certified Success Coach with over 20-years of experience, here’s an overview of what I can help you with. Some of my client just need help with a few things…BUT many need my help with ALL OF IT!:


  • Develop your unique Branding Platform, Positioning & Messaging
  • Assess your current Branding Platform and improve it
  • Assure your Branding (visual & written) is consistent across all of your marketing materials & outbound communications
  • Position you as an Industry Thought Leader and/or Topic Expert to: Land media interviews; generate more clients; attract paid speaking opportunities; and (for Authors) increase book sales.


  • Review your current marketing materials & provide feedback
  • Identify marketing materials you need
  • Create effective Sales & Marketing strategies (and assess any current efforts you may be implementing)
  • Assess your current website & provide feedback
  • If you need a new website, I can help you determine the navigation, features & content. Plus, I’ll provide feedback on the initial design concepts.
  • Write or edit copy for your website and marketing materials
  • Create Virtual Book Tour strategies (for Authors)
  • Determine (or improve) your Social Media strategy
  • Develop your Social Media Marketing strategy (outside of your standard business use with: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Develop strategies to attract & secure speaking engagements
  • Create ideas for seminars, workshops, webinars & teleseminars
  • Advise on your presentation pricing and policies/procedures for your speaking engagement contracts & proposals
  • Strategize your product development (e-books, Special Reports, videos, etc.) to generate passive income
  • Create a PR strategy, which includes: Creating Press Release topics; writing or editing your Press Release(s); how/where to deploy them; developing “topic” ideas to pitch the media; media outreach training; media interview tips; and much more!


Many of my clients conduct seminars & workshops to attract customers, generate additional income from paid speaking engagements, and/or to sell their books or other products. Or, a lot of them want to start speaking for those reasons. However, I have found that a majority of clients are NOT good at it…they need speaker training & presentation advice!

Here are the issues I see A LOT: Their Powerpoint presentations are a mess (visually, content & flow); or the presentation is “disorganized’; or their topics & titles lack appeal; or their “delivery/speaking” technique & style is boring; or they are clueless about up-selling the audience by providing special offers; or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Any ONE of those issues can cause your presentation to bomb & be ineffective.

Therefore, as a professional speaker myself, I offer special consulting packages to assess & address those common issues and help my clients get the RESULTS THEY DESIRE FROM SPEAKING! So, whether you have existing presentations, or want to start speaking to generate more revenue, I can help you on MANY levels.


There are many times outside of my “branding & marketing consultation” where my clients face personal obstacles (confidence, time management, etc.), and require assistance with breaking through those barriers. And many of these non-marketing obstacles can prove to be more detrimental to building and growing a business, or career, than just about anything else. Therefore, I encourage you to share (honestly) any personal and professional issues you’re facing so that we can work together in getting you through them. We always want you moving forward; not stuck in one place!


Many employees, of all ages, want to position themselves as Industry Experts to attract media interviews and make additional income as conference speakers (or even speak at conferences no-fee, but for exposure). I find their main motivation is to generate awareness for themselves ‘outside’ of the notoriety they (may) have within their company. So, if this interests you for career success, I can help create your unique Industry Expert brand platform! Plus, I will also provide you with consultation on the Marketing, PR and Social Media strategies required to get you the mass exposure you’re seeking.


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