What Do Lisa’s Clients Say About Working With Her?

“Lisa Orrell is amazing! She identified my branding almost immediately and I finally have the unique, professional positioning that I needed to move forward. She is smart, savvy, informed, fun and it has been a wonderful adventure to work with her. And now that she’s helped me with my branding and positioning, Lisa’s helping me with: the marketing materials I need; website changes required; the development of my business model for coaching; my speaking topics & platform; as well as my PR, Marketing & Social Media strategies.

There’s no way I could have figured all of this out on my own. Lisa takes the guesswork out of everything; which saves tons of time, money, and frustration on trial & error trying to do this alone.”

Betsy Horn
The Health, Wellness & Beauty Expert for Women Over 50
Certified Coach, Consultant, Speaker & Ovarian Cancer Survivor
Author: “A Little Touch of Cancer & How It Made Me Well”

“After 20 years of having my private practice as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I wanted to refresh my brand, expand my services, create products, and adjust by business model…and I wanted a seasoned professional to help me.

 There were 5 qualities that I was looking for in a Marketing & Business Expert besides ‘knowledge’. They were: intelligence, attention to detail, commitment to results, vision, and judgment. Not that easy to find. But I did. Every time that I have a consulting session with Lisa Orrell, I feel lucky to have found her. She is all of those things and more. Her expertise has been beyond valuable to me.”

Georgiana Spradling, PhD
The Expert Emotional Intelligence & Relationships Coach
Author: “Don’t Get Stuck With the Wrong Partner! Learn to Detect Unhealthy Traits and Behaviors in Others”

“Lisa Orrell, The Promote U Guru, is a GPS for authors and speakers who are marketing their books and themselves. It is easy to get lost or overwhelmed during the journey of releasing and promoting your book, and building your expert platform. But Lisa will keep you on track. From drafting my first press release, to re-branding & positioning me, and closing my first revenue opportunities, Lisa has been my trusted consultant, coach and guide.”

Karin Piper
The Education Choice Expert
Speaker & Author: “Charter Schools: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents

“Lisa is so easy to work with for Branding & Marketing Consultation–so energetic and so exact! She has really helped me refine the branding, messaging and positioning for myself as a motivational speaker and stand-up comedian. And she has been instrumental with the Marketing & PR strategy for me and my new book, ‘Won’t Do Stand-Up in a Wheelchair’ (Wyatt-Mackenzie, March 2010). She has also helped with my social media strategy, which is starting to get me booked more for corporate speaking and comedy club gigs.”

Sandi Selvi (MS Survivor Through Stem Cell Transplant)
Comedian & Motivational Speaker
Author: “Won’t Do Stand-up in a Wheelchair”