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Want to Build Your Website Using WordPress? Great Info Here!

February 20th, 2010

Hi All!

Many people don’t know that you can actually build a website using WordPress. Yes, WordPress is not just a blog tool anymore. As a matter of fact, my new website,, was built in WordPress so that’s a great example of what is possible with using it as your web building tool!

I love having my new website built in this platform! Why? Because I can up-date my content as often as I want without having to contact my webmaster for every little change, and I don’t need to know html. Being able to make the content up-dates myself saves me time AND money…no more monthly web maintenance bills from my webmaster. Woohoo!

Making up-dates to the pages within my website are as easy as writing a blog post! I love that. Plus, my WordPress blog (the one you’re reading right  now) “lives” within my website because it’s all done in that platform.

Another benefit? SEO! WordPress has a very easy-to-use, free, SEO widget that easily allows you to add keywords and tags to each of your pages, so that helps your search engine rankings and traffic.

If you want to tackle designing and building your new website using WordPress, here is a great article that takes you through the steps. Builing A Simple Website Using WordPress. This article also outlines other benefits, as well as outlines the process.

Or, you can go the really easy route (like I did) and hire a webmaster who knows how to do it. Plus, I’m not a “designer” and I wanted my site to look nice. If you want to hire someone, I recommend contacting Kristin Craig, owner of 428 Designs. She has a lot of experience creating sites in WordPress and her pricing is very reasonable.

Okay! Go for it! I think you’ll be really happy creating your website in this tool and you’ll love how easy it is to maintain it!

Cheers and Happy Marketing!



Why Doing Your Own Small Biz PR Can Hurt Your Company

February 17th, 2010

Hi All!

I know that budget is an issue for most small business owners, so it forces them to assume the role of Director of Marketing for their own companies. But, and I can say this with authority after having worked with hundreds of companies, their results are normally dismal.

Why? Because! Unless you have a strong marketing background, you won’t do it well. And ultimately the time, effort and money you spend will be more than if you had hired a seasoned professional to help you.

The speakers, authors, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who come to me, have typically spent endless amounts of their valuable time and money trying to market themselves effectively…and they are totally frustrated by the time I hear from them. It’s at that point that they “get it”, and see the value in what a 20-year professional like me (and others) offers.

To that point, I came across this great article today on American Express’s website, entitled “Think Twice Before Doing Your Own Small Biz PR”, written by Steve Viuker.

Here’s an excerpt:

Should you be your own PR person? Many small businesses might think that doing their own PR is a good cost-cutting decision; however, the real cost might be to your business’s success. To a degree, you can do it yourself — but amidst all the demands of running your own company, hiring someone else with real experience to take care of your publicity might be the better option.

While saving money by doing it yourself is appealing, Linda Alexander of Alexander Marketing. says, “Most people are too busy running their companies to spend the hours required for research, pitching and follow up.”

“When you’re sick do you go on the Internet to cure yourself, or do you see a doctor?” asks David Grant of LVM group. “PR is not as simple as it looks, and we know journalists and their deadlines. That is vital in promoting a client.” (Grant was a former journalist, as are many people in the PR business).

Click here to read the whole article!

Cheers & Happy Marketing!



How to Integrate Email Marketing With Social Media

February 06th, 2010


The following article was published on a terrific marketing blog, internetbiznez.

Here’s an excerpt but click the link to read the whole article and find out about some new tools they suggest:

Five years ago, small businesses are on the hype of using email for marketing their business. But during this climax of using email marketing tool, social networking sites such as Facebook starts to dominate the field of internet marketing.

The main reason why small business are turning their back with email marketing and spend time most in social networking is because people are using social networking for communication than using email system. The average Facebook user spends 55 minutes a day on the site, and the time spent on sites like Facebook has increased 90% in the past six years. Bringing your business into social networking will help you broaden your potentials to reach your business.

Bye for now!